Second in a series on the ninth-grade iPad program

The Freshman iPad Blog

By Maggie E.

When the ninth graders were given iPads this August, my parents were sure I was going to play games all day or constantly be on Facebook, but this wasn’t the case. The iPad has become a tool to make mastery of subjects easier. I have learned to take advantage of the ability to take notes on the iPad and turn in assignments electronically. The iPad has been a great help for World Civ, for instead of making posters I can make presentations using apps like Explain Everything, which allows a student to make a mini PowerPoint. I also don’t need to lug around that HUGE biology textbook, which is a big help for commuting students. The iPad has made ninth grade a little easier to keep educational material in one spot and definitely has made my backpack lighter.

By Maddie H. and Sara K.

When the school first announced that the entire freshman class would be given iPads this year, we were all surprised and excited. At first, the iPads were a little bit of a distraction in class, but after the first week or so, the buzz died down, and we all started using them for mostly academic purposes. Now, we find them to be extremely helpful in class when taking notes, sharing information among our classmates, and for much more!

By Ethan S.

Back in August, the school gave me and my friends iPads. I thought they would be quickly taken away, because nothing would get done in class and nobody would do homework with these beautifully sculpted distraction tools. Well, I was wrong. The school still hasn’t realized its mistake, and they’re just letting us students have way too much fun making movies for French.

By Caroline P.

When first hearing about the iPad program as an eighth-grader last June, I didn’t expect to find the device as useful as I do. I thought it would be a situation where we would talk about getting tablets, but it would never follow through. Little did I know, four months later I would be constantly using it for notes and assignments. And while many still prefer the old fashioned pen and paper, I have learned to enjoy and take advantage of the great new learning opportunity given to us with the iPad program.