Lower School Goes ‘Nuts!’

More than 130 jubilant voices filled the theater March 6, when the students of kindergarten-third grade took the stage to perform the Lower School musical, “Nuts!”

The cast of characters reads like a cross between an Aesop fable and a modern art exhibit, with players such as Skunk and Fox listed beside Acorn No. 7 and Walnut No. 1. But for director and Lower School music teacher Kathy Horein, “Nuts!” was a natural choice for the semi-annual production because, “It gave every class a chance to shine.”

Each class sang its own song in addition to two ensemble numbers that bookended the show. The kids dedicated six weeks to rehearsing their singing parts, but had to learn the blocking in just four days because of thorny theater scheduling. (They also painted all the scenery in Lori Hunter’s art class.) Despite the slightly frenetic run-up to the main event, Horein couldn’t have been happier with the result.

“The kids with speaking parts really got into their roles and had fun hamming it up,” she said, “but everyone did a great job memorizing their lines and projecting a good stage presence.” Horein reserved special praise for the adorability and realism of the students’ costumes, the credit for which belongs entirely to the parents of the costume committee, Horein said.

“We couldn’t have done it without them.”