‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ Review

By Gabrielle M. ’15
Photos by Chandler S. ’16

The recent school production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” certainly had its fair share of publicity — but for good reason. Theater students made daily announcements in morning meeting, murmured about all-day practices on Saturdays, and appeared to be short on both sleep and spare time. However, their efforts were duly rewarded.

“Joseph” was by far the most complicated and advanced production I have seen at LCDS. The musical numbers featured layers of harmonies and synchronized dancing from the entire cast. Both the choreography and the costumes were thoughtful, charming and unique, so the audience had a wealth of sights to admire. The staging consisted of minimalist wooden platforms to organize the cast and direct the audience’s eye. The students jumped from one seemingly precarious platform to another with ease, and the scenes with the entire cast dancing on different levels were stunning.

Even more impressive was the musical aspect of the show: Three narrators, Emily C. 15 and juniors Emma S and Sara K., explained the plot entirely in song, and in exquisite voices. Joseph (Elliot R. ’16) sang wonderfully as well, as did the entire supporting cast, belting out harmony and solos alike with seeming effortlessness. Many of the numbers were arranged with a thematic twist, such as rockabilly, Western or Parisian, to keep the music lively and varied. To complement the vocals, the cast was accompanied by a band composed of both students and teachers. All in all, “Joseph” was one of the most musically rich productions that has graced our stage.

Every detail seemed carefully planned in this elaborate but pleasantly short musical. I walked away from the show quite impressed, and also uplifted by the cheerful music, bright costumes and enthusiastic performers. With this production, LCDS theater has set a high bar indeed for the next show.