Starving Artists and Pizza Parties

One of the most plum prizes ever offered at FundFest was also the most fleeting: Head of Lower School for the day.

“The student and I would sit down for a lunch meeting and plan the day,” said the cheerfully deposed Christina Simonds. “We’d talk about whether it should be a dress down day, or crazy hair day, or whether there should be an extra recess or maybe something special, like a pizza party, just for their class.”

“Usually,” she continued, “we’d end up having a dress down/crazy hair/extra recess/pizza party day.”


For anyone interested in a more lasting Lower School treasure, each grade’s creativity (and in the case of first grade, flexibility) will be available to take home at the auction on April 13. Works include a poster-size print of the young contortionists shaping themselves into a human alphabet, and the Abstract Expressionism of the notoriously avant-garde kindergarteners.

Simonds, together with art and photography teachers Lori Hunter, Diane Wilikofsky and Donna Wilcox, looked at these FundFest projects as “an opportunity to highlight the best of the art curriculum and to show everyone just how fantastic what they’re doing is,” Simonds said.

Parent Chrissy Auman has played a central role in coordinate this year’s projects, which include works from the Middle and Upper school, with additional support from Sandi Abraham and Cindy Socie. Auman extended her thanks to everyone. “They have been wonderful and very generous with their time and talents,” she said.