It Takes the Village

Fourth Street met fifth grade as budding beatniks climbed the dais, and, lit by a single spotlight, recited their poetry for an audience of students and parents too cool to clap.

If the crowd dug what they heard, they snapped their thumbs and hit the poets with a wave of approval that sounded like rain pattering against a tent on Yasgur’s farm.

The Poetry Cafe was the culmination of the fifth-grade’s study of the form. After students wrote and revised their poems over a period of several weeks in teacher Meg Reed’s Literacy class, T.J. O’Gorman’s classroom became a latter-day Gaslight. Faux-exposed brick covered exposed cinderblock and a lattice of Christmas lights set the mood as the poets reeled off cinquains, haikus and limericks with cool aplomb.


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Program Listing:
1) :00 ” Limerick: Medusa” and “Cinquain: Tarantulas” by Abrielle M.
2) :29 “Color Poem: (Ode to) Yellow” and “Haiku: The Amazing Race” by Christopher M.
3)  1:08 “Haiku: Shark!” and “Limerick: The Gnat” by Evan L.
4)  1:28  “Onomatopoeia Poem: At a Concert”  by Ethan A.
5)  2:00 “Haiku: Great World” by Zach L.
6)  2:09 “Onomatopoeia Poem: Sounds at Home” by Pierce L.