With Love and Gratitude: A Student Reflects on Sally Jarvis

By Lexi Jaramillo ’19

To the family and loved ones of Mrs. Sally Jarvis,

I feel so honored to have met and known a woman like Mrs. Jarvis. She may have only been part of my life for three years, but the opportunities those years opened are endless.

Mrs. Jarvis was a wonderfully generous and kind woman, with her time, as well as her scholarship namesake. It is only because of her contributions to Lancaster Country Day School that I am able to attend, as I rely on the Jarvis Scholarship.

Because of her efforts to improve LCDS, everything about my school day and life has improved since I began here as a student. Every time I met Mrs. Jarvis at a scholarship luncheon or in the hallways, she never failed to brighten my day. She was always a smile and a laugh to look forward to whenever we had the blessing of seeing her.

My fondest memory was sitting next to her during my first Jarvis Scholarship luncheon, freshman year. I knew early on that I wanted to get to know her. She was warm, welcoming and inviting, absolutely hilarious and the wittiest person I ever met. She was cracking jokes left and right, all while creating a friendly and comforting environment, which I for one appreciated, being unfamiliar in my new school.

When it was her turn to speak, she mentioned how she influences the school, what an honor it was to do so, and how she appreciated events such as the luncheon because it gave her an opportunity to meet students such as myself. From then on, I always looked forward to seeing her and striking up a conversation, or just saying a passing hello.

Thanks to her, I have had the opportunity to attend LCDS, and blossom as a student. As much as I love to credit the teachers and administration who have made it all possible, that foundation of that credit belongs to Mrs. Jarvis. It’s her generosity and willingness to help to which I credit my success as a student and my accomplishments as a member of the LCDS community.

Thank you for everything. You will be missed, but not forgotten.