Lovingly Laughing at Ourselves


A musical sendup of musical theater, featuring a 50-strong cast and crew, awaits Thursday’s opening night audience. 

“It’s a satire on musical theater,” said Director Kristin Wolanin. “The Man In The Chair points out what we as an audience are thinking about the musical theater that we’re all seeing on stage, and what we’re thinking about musical theater in general: It’s corny. So much of it is so super corny.

“But that’s why we love it!”

The curtain will rise on the Lancaster Country Day theater troupe’s production of “The Drowsy Chaperone” at 7 p.m. Thursday-Saturday, Feb. 21-23, with a 2 p.m. matinee Saturday, Feb. 23. Advance tickets are $7 and available here. They will be $10 at the door.

“There’s actually a kind of double satire going on,” Wolanin said. “On the one level, it’s making fun of the genre. On the other, it’s presenting a caricature of humanity. What makes the satire so effective is the fact that the show is funny, and it pokes fun but does so from a loving, sort of winking standpoint. We have to be able to laugh at ourselves, and that is a message that this show expresses between the lines but clearly.”

“The Drowsy Chaperone” opened to instant and near-universal acclaim, winning five Tony Awards and enjoying major productions in New York, Los Angeles, London and Melbourne, Australia, to name just a few. 

“The audience is going to leave singing these songs,” Wolanin said. Indeed, two of the four Tony Awards “The Drowsy Chaperone” won were for Best Book and Best Score. “The numbers have a period feel, that ’20s thing but with a modern twist,” she said.

“My hope is for the audience to come in and have a nice, diverting collective experience, because that is what musical theater is for.”

Cast, Crew & Orchestra


Janet Van de Graaff — Kendall K.
Kitty — Sadi S.
Mrs. Tottendale — Mira H.
Drowsy Chaperone — Tess M. 
Trix — Maya R.
Man in Chair — David W.
Robert Martin — Christopher M.
George — Skyler W.
Aldolpho — Jack K.
Feldzieg — Thomas W.
Gangsters — Laurel M. & Frannie T.
Underling — Amelia L.
Ensemble — Mae B., Sarah B., Laura B., Carly C., Isabella G., Maria H., Sophie M., Gaby N., Julia N.
Superintendent — Mae B.

Director — Kristin Wolanin
Music Director — Heather Woodbridge
Choreographers — Christine Healy & Kristin Wolanin
Production Stage Manager — Malia C.
Assistant Stage Managers — Charley W. & Huda Z.
Scenic Artist — Diane Wilikofsky
Lighting Design — Barry Fritz
Costume Designer — Priscilla Kaufhold
Master Electrician — Hayden F.
Spotlight Operators — Maddie L. & Shawna T.
Sound Designers — Grace F. & Justin K.
Sound Technician — Justin K.
Set Crew — Tessa B., Riley E., Sophia H., Shawna T.
Box Office Manager — Ameila S.
Props Mistress — Linnea W.
Props Crew — Maddie B. & Sam L.
Costume Mistress — Katrina F.
Costume Crew — Julia B., Sarah H., Maddie L., Adrien W.
Costumes Provided By —  Millersville Costume Shop
Publicity Chief — Charley W.
Publicity Crew — Riley E. & Ben K.
House Manager — Piper S.
Ushers — Grace F., Riley E., Anthony P., Piper S., Shawna T.

Piano — Heather Woodbridge
Bass — David Franklin
Drums — Paul G.
Flute — Janani I.
Clarinet — Lexi J.
Alto Sax — Andy J.
Trumpet — Benjamin K. & Abigail S.
Trombone — William M.
Percussion — Annika K.