Bee Buzz

Carrington Bernabei ’24 won the Middle School Spelling Bee by correctly spelling “guanine” for the win over second place finisher Alyssa Lee ’25, who stumbled over “hokum.” Bee impresario Phil Lisi presented Carrington with the traditional big stuffed bee, “Bee-a-trice,” while Alyssa inaugurated a new trophy tradition by taking home the Spelling Bee Fox.

Carrington and Alyssa advance to the semifinals of the 62th LNP Spelling Bee, working toward a spot in the 92th Scripps National Spelling Bee in May in Washington, D.C.

In other bee news, sixth grader Sophia Babar took top prize in the Middle School Geography Bee. She advances to the next round of the National Geographic Geography Bee, where she and fellow winners across the country will take a written state-level test before advancing to the May finals in Washington, D.C.