Graduation 2019

As the clock struck 10:01, the band struck up that familiar tune and the cheers rang out for the 54 members of the Class of 2019 who entered the Fieldhouse for Lancaster Country Day School’s 111th commencement ceremony Saturday, May 25.



Jack Kubinec delivered the student address, riffing on repetitious trips to art museums before turning serious and sincere with his metaphor.

“Paintings do not need to be explained; their meaning is shown by what they are. Similarly, our time at LCDS is best explained not by anything I could say but by who we are today. In a manner of speaking, we have the been the canvas, and we have been painted by LCDS. … The brushstrokes left on our lives serve as proof that our time here has real and special and meaningful.”

The graduating seniors chose Upper School Administrative Assistant Starleisha Gingrich to give the Faculty Address to the Class of 2019.

“The 54 of you have made [my first] year an absolute pleasure. And I chalk that up to one simple characteristic that I think you all have in common. You are all good people, with a capital G and P. … Even if you don’t socialize with someone regularly, I see the ways you interact with each other in the hall and those moments warm my heart,” Gingrich said.

Other speakers included Fourth Grade Teacher Crystal Meashey, who gave the invocation; Board of Trustees Chair Bernadette Gardner ’87; Head of School Steve Lisk; senior Jack Kubinec, who gave the student address; and History Department Chair Todd Berner, who gave the benediction.

Commencement Awards Given at the Ceremony

Thomas W., David W., and William M. won The Trustee Prize, awarded to the seniors with the highest cumulative grade point average.

Courtney C. won the Ruth S. Hostetter Award, recognizing a senior who has worked selflessly and enthusiastically to enhance the school community.

Alexandra J. won the Ann Musselman Award, given to the student who best exemplifies enthusiastic curiosity, the courage to take intellectual risks, and joy in a lifetime of learning.

David D.T. won the Faculty Award, given to the student who embodies a true love of learning, contributes to the intellectual life of the school, and is a model citizen.

Matt G. and Alexa S. won the Head of School Award, recognizing the seniors most deserving of special recognition for their leadership, school spirit, persistence, and civic virtue.

At an earlier awards ceremony, the following seniors received awards:
Music Award: Kendall K.
Karen Stork Memorial Award/Theatre: Kendall K., David W.
Visual Arts Award: Carly C.
Dance Award: Alexandra J.
English Award: Lauren N.
Elizabeth Ross Award: Sara S.
Lancaster History Award: David D.T.
History Award: David W.
Mathematics Award: Cara G.
Science Award: Matthew G.

Foreign Language Awards
French: Thomas W.
Latin: Tessa B., Marley K.
Spanish: Katherine S., Catherine W.
Chinese: Sophia H., Alexandra J.

Athletics Awards

Female Athlete of the Year: McKayla F.
Male Athlete of the Year: Luke W.
PIAA E. Jerry Brooks Award: Matthew G.
PIAA Fackler-Hower Sportsmanship Award: Allison M., Konrad L.

Other Awards

Jarvis Scholar Award: Hasan M.
Jarvis Citizen Award: Anna S.
LCDS Community Service Award: Gabriela N.
Helen Powlison Memorial Prize: Gabriela N.
Rotary Club of Lancaster Community Service Award: Gabriela N.
Danny Eshleman ’97 Memorial Award: Christopher M.
Jay B. Niesley Award: Ahsanti D.
Furman University Scholar: Abby G.
Williams College Book Award: Christian F.

Vacating the Typical Vacation

The video by Andrea E. ’16 of kindergarteners giving advice to seniors was played for seniors at the 2012-2013 awards assembly.

For the class of 2013, high school might have ended, but the pursuit of their passions has just begun. What follows is a brief rundown of what the seniors plan to do over the next few months, and perhaps the next few years at school. (If you can read the list without getting jealous, you’re one step closer to becoming a bodhisattva.)

Sara H. plans on heading far afield to the north and south with travels that will take her to New Orleans and Denmark, while Hamilton D. has charted a course both south of the U.S. and south of sea level. He’s off to the Honduras Bay Island of Roatán where he will earn his Divemaster certification.

Nicki L. will stay in the lower 48, but won’t end up far from either the Atlantic or Pacific as she travels to South Carolina and California. Lauren Z. will complete a circuit of Western Europe, visiting Italy and Greece before heading north to Copenhagen, Denmark, by way of Paris. Nicki might have some company in the City of Light because, in addition to her stated summer plan “to sleep,” Mary F. will also make time to visit the French capital.

Come fall, Spencer R. intends to head back onto the courts as a collegiate tennis player, a plan he shares with Wes D. and Sammy S. Wes is also considering playing some intermural basketball, while Kate O. and Jayme V. will don the school colors when they suit up on the squash and lacrosse teams, respectively. Kate also plans to coach squash this summer, and so should head into the fall season already in game shape.

Many grads will continue that age-old tradition of working the summer job, but a few students have found gigs a bit more meaningful and engaging than the typical seasonal post.

Sean J. plans to get that typical seasonal job, but to supplement it by volunteering at the Interfaith Homeless Shelter in Harrisburg. Gaby D. is bound for the Volunteer State where she’ll pull double-duty as both a lifeguard and camp counselor. Shahrukh J. will stay close to home, but also plans to combine volunteering at Lancaster General Hospital with his main job, working as a lab technician at a local tech firm.

Carly G., Abbie S. and David S. will all spend part of the summer giving their time to organizations that champion the causes they’re passionate about. For Carly, that means volunteering at the Humane League of Lancaster County; for Abbie, it’s the Lancaster Science Factory and David will lend a hand at the North Museum.

Kindness Urged at Country Day

Photo of graduating students
–Paula Wolf, Sunday News (originally published May 23, 2012)

People come up with plenty of adjectives to describe teenagers, and many of those words aren’t particularly flattering. But when English teacher Mike Simpson was asked to characterize the Class of 2012 at Lancaster Country Day School, he had no difficulty praising the 46 seniors he had gotten to know so well.“You have transformed niceness and kindness into your mode of operation,” he said, “whether it’s service to the community or spending quality time with LCDS’ kindergarteners.” More from the Sunday News>